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Ancient Kauri Trail - Mangaturoto to Omapere

From the wild, untamed West Coast, to the peaceful shelter of the kauri forests, prepare to be awed by a journey of dramatic contrasts.

Follow the road through the Kumara Capital, and feel the sea spray on your skin as you reach the ruggedly beautiful West Coast beaches. Further north, the ancient living forests wrap their deep green embrace around you. These mighty trees have supported lives and livelihoods for centuries. Despite their immense size and strength, however, these giants are also fragile. Humans have harvested their precious timber and gum over the centuries, and have now come to protect these great guardians of the forest...

Ancient Kauri Trail Map

Dargaville visitor guide
This handy guide produced by Kauri Coast Promotion Society  Inc in conjunction with Kaipara District Council highlights the best visitor attractions in our town with helpful maps. 

Dargaville - Heart of the Kauri Coast 

Historic Walks
Watch this space for content coming soon for the reinvigoration of our historic town trails.