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Dargaville Community Development Board Inc

Community Engagement - Promoting Revitalisation and Growth

Dargaville Community Development Board (DCDB) supports, facilitates and empowers business and community organisations throughout the district, to grow a robust and attractive environment, one in which residents and visitors alike can thrive.

Established October 2015, the DCDB Board is a diverse group of business and community members who have experience and skills in enterprises that include; hospitality, media and promotions, property development and small to medium business development. Our board members and staff are community members bringing their extensive networks and resources to contribute to and connect with individuals and groups to develop and promote DCDB.

It is intended that initial focus will be on using a project management approach to develop resources, databases for community and business use and specific projects intended to contribute to and develop the economy and community spirit within the district.

The Board has an ongoing contract with Kaipara District Council (KDC) for the property management of their Community Housing Units. This allows us to employ staff to progress the board's initiatives. Further commercial contracts and opportunities to secure funding are being sought to assist the board in continued growth and delivery of community support.

The DCDB works closely with local groups, businesses, and organisations to ensure that resources and services are utilised and facilitated to the maximum benefit of the community.


  • Support endeavours to develop a vibrant business environment
  • Contribute to community and visitor infrastructure and promote Dargaville as a destination 
  • Improve community growth and wellbeing by developing a community spirit that will encourage stakeholder investment
  • Support initiatives that improve the economic profile of Dargaville and the surrounding areas
  • Engage with the community to improve social well-being and economic growth
  • Create and support a happy and healthy community housing environment


  • The development of a Retirement Village for Dargaville 
  • Branding for Dargaville and the Kauri Coast
  • Maintenance and expansion of the Dargaville Community CCTV Project
  • Tourism and business network meetings

If you are visiting Dargaville and considering relocation we invite you to talk with us, with regard to doing business here - Maybe you have an entrepreneurial idea?

If you live in our community or are involved in a club, group, organisation and you have an idea, initiative project or anything else you would like to share. Please contact us.

Contact Details
Chairman: Allan Mortensen 021 439 697
Project Manager: Lorraine Davidson 027 525 8222
Email: info@dcdb.nz
Website: www.dargavillenz.com
Address: Fosters Arcade, 36 Victoria Street, Dargaville