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Come on in, your office is waiting.

Introducing SEED - ‘Kakano’

A concept designed to unleash people’s potential and incubate success in Dargaville and environs.  By creating a shared space where community initiatives and small businesses have room to thrive, bringing together a culture and community of like-minded people. 

What Is SEED:

A collaborative workspace outfitted with everything a modern, efficient office needs, SEED helps start-ups sidestep the costs and headaches of finding a foothold in commercial real estate and outfitting their office. Our aim is to allow community organisations and small business operators to tap into ready-made office environments to focus on building their projects and business. - it’s also a great way to promote Dargaville as a desirable place to live, work, do business and visit.  

Our Aims:

Providing a supportive, dynamic environment that will assist both business and community to incubate growth. From start-up enterprises to remote workers, freelancers to youth, iwi and community groups, council and business focus groups, macro and micro teams who have a need for space where connections are made and ideas can be bounced around between people and projects.

Affordable and Social

In a way that operating any remote office can never be. The  SEED Co-working space is the seedbed for creativity and growth your project has been waiting for. Work independently but never alone. Negate overheads while still enjoying a professional atmosphere conducive to productivity. All in all, it’s a space that will benefit the Dargaville community and business growth as a whole.  The SEED already has the support of key organisations such as the local council, sporting authorities, youth initiatives, tourism, business promoters and many more.

Come part-time, full-time - Bring your laptop, take a seat, and “Get Stuff Done!”  

Become a part of the SEED family and help grow our community and business sector. Here at the  SEED Co-working space, we form the ecosystem to develop, nurture, and grow success. Come join us, and start reaping the fruits of your labour!


A place to develop your dreams!
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