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Frequently Asked Questions

You have arrived at this webpage because you have questions regarding the LTP Targeted Rate Proposal for the Dargaville Community CCTV Project.  The information on this page will grow as more questions are asked so check back frequently.  If your question is not answered here, please email us at info@dcdb.nz.

Q.  Why do we need CCTV in Dargaville?

A.  Dargaville was once seen as a “soft touch” when it came to dealing with crime and inappropriate behaviour. Other Northland towns have taken a high tech approach to deterring antisocial and criminal behaviour by installing CCTV cameras, and it was felt necessary for Dargaville to follow suit to ensure that the criminal element moved away from rather than to Dargaville.  The targeted rate is to ensure the longevity and sustainability of the CCTV Project including it's further development and repairs and maintenance on an ongoing basis.

Q.  How is a safer Dargaville going to encourage economic growth?

A.  This is a win/win situation because providing a town which is safer for residents and visitors will attract more people to live in and visit Dargaville.  Increased resident numbers will encourage more businesses to become established, and attract more investment in existing local business, thereby increasing our economic growth.   

Q.  What are the benefits to Dargaville residents?

A.  The overall improved safety of Dargaville and it’s people will have a big impact on the social wellbeing of our community by giving them a sense of pride in our town which may lead to them taking pride in other areas of their lives, respect of public places, and may lead to a resurgence of commercial and individual property beautification.

Q.  How much will it cost?

A.  We have requested an amount of $10.00 per rateable unit per year.  This works out to .84 cents per month, or .19 cents per week, or less than .03 cents per day.  The total number of rateable units in the Dargaville, West Coast Central and northern part of the Otamatea Wards is 5,329, providing $53,290 per year to maintain and repair the infrastructure as and when required, and employ a part time administrator to supervise the CCTV Project and apply for grant funding for, and installation of, further stages.

Q.  Why does this targeted rate include the West Coast Central Ward and part of the Otamatea Ward when the CCTV cameras are located in Dargaville?

A.  The West Coast Central Ward has been included in the targeted rate area as it encompasses the rural community which is serviced by Dargaville township for shopping, entertainment, and conducting business. There are many people who live in the West Coast Central Ward and work in Dargaville, their children are schooled in Dargaville, they attend church and clubs here, and utilise the town’s amenities.  Our wider community has a vested interest in Dargaville being a safe place as there is a flow on effect to the rural residents from CCTV Project.  The West Coast Central Ward also encompasses outlying communities such as Glinks Gully, Te Kopuru, and Pouto, who have indicated they are eager for their communities to be included in the planning of future stages of the Dargaville Community CCTV Project.  The Ruawai / Tokatoka area has been included as the local business association has requested that Ruawai township be included in the CCTV Project in Stage Two. The township of Ruawai services the surrounding residents and having a safer environment will enhance the lives of all those in the area.

Q.  How do we know that someone is not monitoring our every move?

A.  The Dargaville Community CCTV Project is, and has always been, about the safety of our residents and visitors in community situations in a proactive way, thereby having a positive impact on every sector of our community.  The equipment housed at the Dargaville Police Station is not accessible by anyone without authorisation and the officers manning the station are focused on preventing crime and antisocial behaviour.  The New Zealand Police train their officers to act in a confidential manner and to protect the privacy of individuals.  They are monitoring the CCTV screens proactively watching for potential antisocial or criminal behaviour in public areas.  For the majority of residents, the Police are watching over you and not looking at you!

If your question is not addressed in this list of FAQ, please email your question to info@dcdb.nz.  We will respond via email and add your question to this page to inform others.