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SEED - Terms & Conditions


Please take the time to read this information. Please note that the Hot Desk/Casual Agreement follows the initial Terms & Conditions. 

Placing a booking is an agreement that you have read and understood the following terms and conditions.


  1. The Hirer must complete the booking form prior to making the booking and must state precisely the type of activity and/or event to take place, and use the hired room for that purpose only.
  2. Bookings that take place outside of normal operating hours (9am-5pm) are subject to a security fee to be advised
  3. are booked at the discretion of Seed management,  or
    a delegate from Seed has agreed to be in attendance
  4. The Hirer must include time for set-up and pack-down of their event when making a booking.
  5. Notice must be given by the Hirer at time of booking, if event requires particular technology or hardware that is noted as available at Venue  (see www.dargavillenz.com/seed for details).


Vacation of Premises

  1. The booked room must be vacated by the time stipulated in the booking form.
  2. The Hirer shall ensure that all persons in attendance at their Event  have vacated the booked room by the end of the period of hire.



  1. Hirers must clean the stated room following the conclusion of Event, including:
    (a) Sorting rubbish into appropriate  bags (recycling, and  waste) and remove from Building.

        (b) Clean all whiteboards and remove all personal items.

        (c) Wash dishes/wipe tables  and return Seed items to appropriate cupboard space.

 NOTE:   Failure to comply with cleaning regulations will incur a charge of $25.00 together with the cost of Seed hiring a cleaner.

Fire Safety

  1. No smoking, candles, incense, smoke machines, toasters or any smoke-emitting devices are permitted to be used in the Building.
  2. The Hirer will be liable for any Fire Brigade call-out fee and cost of resetting the alarm, should the fire alarm be set off during their period of hire.
  3. The Hirer must familiarise themselves with fire exits,  and outdoor meeting places prior to commencing their Event.



  1. Noise levels must be kept at a reasonable level. If the Hirer is using the Meeting Room or Board Room as their booked room, the Hirer must be particularly conscious of noise levels.
  2. The Hirer will be liable for any monetary cost arising from complaints regarding noise.



  1. It is the Hirer’s responsibility to check current guidelines and information about liquor licensing, please visit Kaipara District Council http://www.kaipara.govt.nz/. The Hirer will comply with all alcohol statutes, by-laws, requirements, restrictions or guidelines
  2. Alcohol may only be consumed in the booked room.
  3. A valid liquor license must be shown to Seed Manager prior to the use of the booked room, and displayed in a prominent location during the use of the booked room.
  4. Hirer must identify at least one responsible adult for every 25 attendees.
  5. Hirer must comply with the below host responsibilities:
  6. The main contact person on the booking is nominated to manage the conduct of the consumption of alcohol.
  7. The Hirer shall have available for consumption on the premises, at all times when alcohol is being consumed, a reasonable range of non-alcoholic refreshments and low alcoholic beverages and food appropriate to the occasion.
  8. Information regarding alternative forms of transport must be made available for attendees by the Hirer.
  9. Drinking water is to be freely available.


Health and Safety

  1. Health and Safety processes and a Hazard Risk Register will be shared with the Hirer or nominated person prior to the beginning of the Event.
  2. The Hirer is responsible for familiarising attendees with these health and safety processes at Seed at the commencement of the Event.
  3. Any hazard a Hirer may introduce to the Venue prior, during, and after the Event must be immediately communicated to Seed Manager..
  4. It is the Hirer’s responsibility to ensure that all emergency exits are clear and free of any items used for and during the Event.
  5. In case of an emergency at the Venue, the Hirer must ensure attendees comply with Seed evacuation procedure.


  1. All fees and charges quoted at the time of booking are current at that time and are subject to change. The Seed reserves the right to review and set fees and charges for all hireable rooms annually, with changes to fees and charges to take effect on 1st October each year.
  2. Any cost incurred by a breach of any of the above-mentioned terms and conditions will be invoiced to Hirer, including
  3. Any damage to the Venue caused during the period of hire or through any breach of the Terms and Conditions in this Agreement.
  4. Any theft of Seed or other Hirer’s property from the Venue during the period of hire.
  5. Any extra cleaning, rubbish removal, repair or reinstatement of the Venue which Seed considers is required after the Event.
  6. Any costs, losses or expenses that Seed incurs due to any breach of the terms and conditions outlined here.


  1. In the event that the Hirer terminates the Agreement (including by notifying Seed that it wishes to cancel any booking), cancellation fees are as follows:
  2. Bookings must be cancelled more than 7 days before the Event so as not to incur any charges.
  3. Bookings cancelled within 24 hours  of the Event will be charged in full.
  4. Seed reserves the right to cancel booking(s) where circumstances so warrant. These may include, but are not limited to, emergency situations and adverse environmental/weather conditions. In this case, Seed will endeavour to provide an alternative date or time. If the alternative option is not suitable, the hire fee will be refunded.


 Hot Desk/Casual Agreement

The Seed is dedicated to providing a harassment-free experience for everyone, If a participant engages in harassing behaviour, The Seed staff may take any action they deem appropriate, 

As a Seed Client, I agree to:

  1. Respect my new space and facilities, and take ownership of their cleanliness/maintenance. Be kind and considerate to my co-workers
  2. All workplaces are smokefree.
  3. Refrain from any addictive or alcohol participation. 
  4. Be respectful and ethical and only use your own belongings, or that which I have express permission (including but not limited to property, ideas, and clients)
  5. Take care of your personal belongings and equipment – all liability stays with you
  6. Keep my voice to ‘inside’ levels
  7. Familiarise myself with the Hazard Risk Register and keep myself safe accordingly (the Health and Safety Station is above the sink in a cube storage unit in the Kitchen/Utility
  8. Read and agree to the Terms and Conditions for booking rooms
  9. Be security conscious (e.g. .no  key means you can not be last to leave)
  10. Pay for my use of the space on time, and to let us know as early as possible if you anticipate any issues here.  Please note that if you default on payment, hereby defined as a failure to pay an invoice after 90 days from its first issue, you are liable to pay any costs associated with collecting payment.
  11. Familiarise myself with the terms and pricing schedule of my plan (see appendix)
  12. Use, not abuse, services, such as the Wi-Fi, the kitchen, and the bins
  13. No solicitation: If somebody is interested in your services they will ask in conversation. If you think someone might benefit from your services, let them know in a no-obligations way
  14. Be cool: harassment gets registered and might get you booted
  15. Ask for help if I need it!


  • Invoices are generated on the first week of each month. Payment on 20th of the same month unless otherwise arranged 
  • Team leaders assume responsibility for ensuring those under their PCBU agreement are familiar and compliant with this agreement
  • Payment can be made via internet banking 
  • You must sign in and out at reception as required for Health and Safety compliance
  • Designated hotdesks/areas are available on a first come, first served basis
  • Your workspace for the day must be clear upon leaving
  • Access is from 9am to 5.00pm
  • You must ensure you are not the last to leave the premises and that a co-worker staying later than you has a 24/7 access pass (and thus ability to alarm the building)



These conditions are subject to change without notice.  Updated as at 21 May 2020.