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SEED - Co-working

Combining the freedom of working for yourself or a small team within the community and the collaboration benefits of a traditional office space
The Seed collaborative workspace - is  outfitted with everything a modern, efficient office needs, SEED helps start-ups sidestep the costs and headaches of finding a foothold in commercial real estate and outfitting their office. Our aim is to allow small business operators and community organisations to tap into ready made office environments to focus on building their business and projects. It’s not just smart thinking which uses economies of scale to give new endeavours a hand up - it’s also a great way to promote Dargaville as a great place to live, work, do business and visit.  

Providing a supportive, dynamic environment -  that will assist both business and community to incubate growth. That’s what SEED is all about. From start up enterprises to remote workers, freelancers to youth, iwi and community groups, council focus groups, small and larger teams… all need a space that’s flexible and conducive to streamlined work. SEED establishes a local hub for all these people and organisations, offering not just the ‘bricks and mortar’ advantages of an office away from home (perfect for meeting clients or negotiating with business contacts) but also a space where connections are made and ideas can be bounced around between projects and people.

We offer:

  • Hot desking
  • Meeting and Board rooms to meet, talk and get creative
  • Ultra-fast Wi-Fi
  • AC Suite, connectivity leads 
  • Printing, scanning, and laminating facilities
  • Access to expert business advice and tools for growth, development, 
  • Support networks
  • Flexible pricing and no long term contracts.
  • An open-arms attitude to anyone who wants to grow their community project or business
  • Did we mention free coffee? (and tea)

Network Opportunities - While you are here you're encouraged to chat with the business support advisors that are available at regular intervals and a few strangers possibly making some new business contacts - who knows, you might even bump into people you already know or make a few new friends - there are plenty of people to join for a walk around The Loop after work!


Make it happen in spaces designed for different working styles and maximum productivity. Hot Desks, Meeting and Board Rooms, projector, screen, whiteboards, Wi-Fi, printer, scanner, and all the tech you need to connect to anywhere in the world. Choose what suits with flexible affordable pricing and no long term contracts.

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Upskill with  access to expert business support and advice, tools for growth, support networks, and dynamic events.

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