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Dargaville - Our Vision for the Future

Our Vision for the future

Dargaville is experiencing a renewed sense of invigoration to drive local growth.

With new people moving in or returning and seeing the enormous potential we have locally, many are getting actively involved to be a true part of our community.

Key stakeholder groups are endeavouring to work more closely by increasingly collaborating on projects. The collective vision is to create a vibrant town that people are proud of.

With this in mind, a more cohesive approach is developing to strengthen business opportunities, community facilities, and quality of life.

Below are some of the bigger projects involving collaborative community effort:

  • Kaipara District, Council, in consultation with key community stakeholder groups, is developing an advisory panel to bring together further specialist skills and experience, to provide recommendations to the community on growing our local economy.
  • This website developed by DCDB provides a centralised resource for all to utilise as well as a media tool to promote Dargaville, attracting new residents and business interests.
  • The Dargaville Community Arts Centre and Muddy Waters Gallery in the historic Municipal Chambers and established by Dargaville Arts Association is developing to provide a hub of artistic activity.
  • Construction has commenced for Sportsville which brings together a number of sporting facilities in one location for improved accessibility and enjoyment.
  • A potential retirement village is being explored to address increasing demand from maturing population moving into the area.
  • A potential co-working space is being investigated to assist community organisations and business start-ups.

With so many great projects on the go, we encourage you to keep a regular focus on our local media and enquire directly with a group that is of interest to you. Visit our Community Organisations page to get in touch with organisations that may interest you.