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Westpac Northland Business Champions 2020

It's Time to Nominate your Northland Business Champions!

We're looking for the stories of inspiration, innovation, resilience and courage that stem from our Northland businesses and business people.

It's time to celebrate tho0se that strive to make positive impact on the people and communities around them.

ANYONE can nominate ANY Northland business or business person across a range of categories at:


Only one self-nomination is allowed by the business owner, person or organisation.
Businesses owners, staff, suppliers and customers may nominate a business or business person.
Individuals can nominate as many businesses or business people as they wish.
Nominate your Northland Business Champion here
https://www. northlandbusinesschampions.co. nz/nominate-your-westpac- northland-business-champions- here/


Nominations closed Friday 28th August 2020