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This is a list of local businesses who are registered with the Destination Dargaville Makeover Magic to receive discounts on products and services purchased through a Preferred Supplier.  Registration is free and asssits you in getting your business project completed at a reduced cost.  You will also receive preferential invitations to workshops, events, and the Celebratory End of Project Function in November 2022.


Registered Participants are:

Car Mech Services  

Dargaville Arts Association

R & A McCamish (owner of the Old Post Office Building)

Hobson's Choice Motel

The Central Hotel

Hunting & Fishing Dargaville

Dargaville Club

S & A Orchard Family Trust (owner of the Hospice Shop and Good Life building)


Progress photos for those registered will be posted on the Destination Dargaville Makeover Magic Facebook page from time to time.

If you have a business project that you are thinking of undertaking, contact Lorraine or Sue at the DCDB to discuss your idea and we will advise you who to contact or, if you have a tradie who is not yet a registered Preferred Supplier, we will endeavour to bring them on board.  Local businesses supporting Local Businesses.

Business projects can be anything that increases the appearance, sustainability, or success of your business from installing Fibre to increase connectivity through to creating a new style for your business.

By participating together in The Great Dargaville Working Bee and the Makeover Magic, will we create a Vibrant and Attractive Dargaville.